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We are Camden Champions Regent's Park!

We run activities all over the estate at Dick Collins Hall, Surma Centre, HPOD, Old Diorama Arts Centre and New Diorama Theatre! We work with lots of local organisations to also support promoting what they are running, as well as creating new and exciting projects, pop ups or events for the community to fill some of the gaps.

We run our weekly sessions at Old Diorama Arts Centre for any resident of any age and have champions from age 12 to 60+ currently engaging. We also run some activities for specific resident groups, such as youth led projects, projects focused on older residents or projects focused on particular residents within a particular part of the estate or building.

Get in touch with coordinator Ellie Rudd to find our more, to get involved or if you want to run something in the area! 07923849277

Our host organisation is Fitzrovia Youth in Action, Camden's leading youth social action charity - utilising their expertise and knowledge in social action, we are now working with the community more widely to make social action happen in the area!

Upcoming events:

Community Kitchen!

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